CFSpreadsheet and Data with Commas

This was driving me crazy the other day.  I needed to generate a spreadsheet and because of the way the data needed to be processed, I couldn’t just pass an entire query to the spreadsheet object.  However, one of the […]

Fix function and Dates

I’d imagine a lot of people have resolved to write more in the new year, and I’ll throw my hat into that ring.  Let’s see how it goes, shall we? A very cool post by the awesome Ben Nadel taught […]

Mobile site development

Just wanted to post a quick note about a cool tool I found on the web the other day:  Responsinator.  Simple give it the URL of a site you’re working on and it’ll show you how it looks on a […]

Android Programming Followup

I recently mentioned that I’m taking a Nanodegree course from Udacity who partnered with Google to teach Android programming.  I chose to start out with the beginner course since I figured there would be lots of tips and tricks in […]

SQL Book Review

I’ve been working on setting up a maintenance plan in SQL Server on one of our production servers.  Right now we back the whole server up nightly, but we have a machine that I’d like to get some more granularity […]

Android Programming

I recently spotted an article discussing “Nanodegrees” at Udacity. What particularly caught my eye is they had partnered with Google to teach Android programming. They offer a beginner’s class to complete 10 projects for $200/month, half your tuition back if […]

Lame SQL, Just Lame

We have a table with a bunch of columns that are of “bit” type. I want to count the number of bits flipped to 1 in those columns. Seems like that should be a fairly common use case, doesn’t it? […]

Captain America: Civil War

Took Friday off to see the new Captain America movie, the one movie my husband and I have really been looking forward to this year.  Two thumbs up I say!  I was surprised by some of what happened, plus the […]

Quantum Break

Fun game with a good story.  It quickly becomes evident as to why they hired actors for the game, there are several movie clips to watch throughout the game after each episode.  The lower rating is because the game is […]


Today I submitted my graduation application at WGU.  I already have a B.S. in Computer Science, but once I started working in management it became clear that I needed to figure out the business side of things.  I’d end up […]