Android Programming

I recently spotted an article discussing “Nanodegrees” at Udacity. What particularly caught my eye is they had partnered with Google to teach Android programming. They offer a beginner’s class to complete 10 projects for $200/month, half your tuition back if you complete the course in less than 12 months. Plus there’s a 1 week free trial with full access for that week. I’ve wanted to get into some mobile programming for a while, so I took the plunge last week.

The beginner class is really meant for people who have no programming experience, but as I really don’t know anything about Android programming I figured I’d start there and see what I thought. I turned my first project in on Sunday “Building a Single Screen App”. They walked us through creating a birthday card for someone, and our project was to create a single brochure page for a business, club, etc. At this point it’s just about learning how to lay things out in XML so they render correctly. And yeah, some of the class was pretty boring, but there were also nuggets of info like you should define screen objects sizes in “dp” so they render using the same amount of screen real estate regardless of resolution. Also, anything a user would need to touch should be at least 48dp.

I turned my assignment in Sunday night and had my feedback when I woke up the next morning. The feedback was pretty comprehensive with suggestions on how to make things better and didn’t feel like sterile, copy/paste script feedback at all. They offered to get on a call or chat with me if I had any questions, and overall, just a really great experience.

Some of the reviews I’d read weren’t great, but after turning in my first project, I’m sold. I’ll continue with the beginner course then move on to some of their other courses. They offer some courses for free and so far I’d really recommend giving them a try!