SMTP Server

When developing sites on my local machine, I don’t want any emails going out to the users of the site.  I’m constantly making changes and refreshing the pages as I work on the bug or enhancement. Today I discovered Papercut.  […]

Struct Ordering

I’ve been building a very large struct for passing information to a client’s API.  This thing has objects nested in objects 3 levels deep in some places.  I find it’s easiest to work with a struct visually as I’m building […]

Weird SSL SQL Server Error

OK, this was a new one for me.  Trying to connect to an Azure database from CF 2016 and got an error:  “The SQL server login requires an ssl connection”.  This one had me stumped until I found this solution:  […]

CFSpreadsheet and Data with Commas

This was driving me crazy the other day.  I needed to generate a spreadsheet and because of the way the data needed to be processed, I couldn’t just pass an entire query to the spreadsheet object.  However, one of the […]

Fix function and Dates

I’d imagine a lot of people have resolved to write more in the new year, and I’ll throw my hat into that ring.  Let’s see how it goes, shall we? A very cool post by the awesome Ben Nadel taught […]

Mobile site development

Just wanted to post a quick note about a cool tool I found on the web the other day:  Responsinator.  Simple give it the URL of a site you’re working on and it’ll show you how it looks on a […]

Android Programming Followup

I recently mentioned that I’m taking a Nanodegree course from Udacity who partnered with Google to teach Android programming.  I chose to start out with the beginner course since I figured there would be lots of tips and tricks in […]

SQL Book Review

I’ve been working on setting up a maintenance plan in SQL Server on one of our production servers.  Right now we back the whole server up nightly, but we have a machine that I’d like to get some more granularity […]

Android Programming

I recently spotted an article discussing “Nanodegrees” at Udacity. What particularly caught my eye is they had partnered with Google to teach Android programming. They offer a beginner’s class to complete 10 projects for $200/month, half your tuition back if […]

Lame SQL, Just Lame

We have a table with a bunch of columns that are of “bit” type. I want to count the number of bits flipped to 1 in those columns. Seems like that should be a fairly common use case, doesn’t it? […]