Database Woes

This last week I got a good look at the database behind a major software package being used at work, and it’s not pretty.  This is enterprise software, and it’s been around for a few years now.  Probably the most glaring issue to me is there’s not a single foreign key defined anywhere in this database.  I had the fun job of writing a query to pull a report of all existing records, customers we’ve worked with in the past, for a marketing campaign.  It took forever to figure out how these tables should work together!  What’s really sad is […]

Research Week

Finished my first week at work, spent a lot of time in research mode.  A software package I’ve used in the past is Bugzilla for bug/enhancement tracking.  It’s not a particularly user friendly, but I’ve been pretty much living in those tables for the last 2 years building and automating reports and charts based on the data for work.  So I am VERY comfortable with it as a tool.  However, I discovered this last week that it’s a pretty big PITA to install if you’re in a Windows environment.  It really doesn’t want to live on Windows.  In the end […]