Today I submitted my graduation application at WGU.  I already have a B.S. in Computer Science, but once I started working in management it became clear that I needed to figure out the business side of things.  I’d end up in meetings with terms being thrown around that I didn’t really understand like the business people did.  At my last job the CEO of the company met with all of middle management every other week to discuss company goals, direction, mission/vision statements, etc.  The company was growing and he knew he was losing touch with all the new hires coming […]

Weird SQL Concatenation

At work I automate reports that usually pull a really large chunk of data from several tables in our loan origination software.  Today I came across a report with a blank value where I was concatenating 2 fields together: CASE SubProp.PropertyType WHEN 0 THEN ‘SINGLE FAMILY’ WHEN 1 THEN ‘SINGLE FAMILY’ WHEN 2 THEN ‘SINGLE FAMILY’ WHEN 3 THEN ‘CONDO’ WHEN 4 THEN ‘HIGH RISE CONDO’ WHEN 5 THEN ‘DETACHED CONDO’ WHEN 6 THEN ‘PUD’ WHEN 7 THEN ‘COOPERATIVE’ WHEN 8 THEN ‘MANUFACTURED’ WHEN 9 THEN ‘MANUFACTURED CONDO/PUD/CO-OP’ WHEN 10 THEN ‘MANUFACTURED SINGLEWIDE’ WHEN 11 THEN ‘MANUFACTURED SINGLEWIDE’ WHEN 12 […]